Amrit Jyoti is a Child Centered Educational Institution with a motto of “Simple Living and High Thinking”. The Nectar of excellent character building of the East is running in and through the light of learning of the West which is reflected in the logo of the school. It is a holistic approach which includes the 100% total human being. According to latest research of neuro-scientists like Dena Johar, Michael Levin, * the total human being’s 80% consists of spiritual quotient, 15% consists of emotional quotient and only 5% consists of Intellectual quotient. Amrit Jyoti aims at achieving the full and all round development of the whole human being from 3 year of age to 15 year of age i.e. from Nursery to Standard Tenth.

Amrit Jyoti Pre-Primary School and Amrit Jyoti Primary School i.e. from Nursery to Third Standard is housed at Ambawadi and Amrit Jyoti Primary School and Amrit Jyoti High School i.e. from Fourth Standard to Tenth Standard is housed at Pritamnagar, Ahmedabad-380 006.

The Pre-Primary section uses a lot educational materials in Maths, Science, English, General Knowledge, Gujarati, Hindi besides creative materials, sensorial materials mainly taken from Montessori method. The teachers are trained on the premises in Value Based Education of character building and in techniques and methods of handling all different kinds of materials. Amrit Jyoti values Quality education over Quantity education and has only 15-20 students per teacher for intensive training.

The complete report of three tier education is prepared for each and every student which first emphasizes Personality Development, then Academic Record and Extra & Co-curricular Activities. Cumulative Average of the two Assessments is the promotion Result. No student is ever detained as it is “Learning how to learn”.

In the Primary school at Ambawadi, a lot educational materials are used in Maths, Science, Hindi, Gujarati and English. This added with multiple colourful and picturesque text books, the learning is made easy and interesting and a lot of repetition helps the young students to imbibe education with joy.

Extra activities like Tae-kwan-do, Karate, Bharat Natyam Dancing, Western dancing and skating are offered and one out of these is compulsory three days a week.

Co-curricular activities like Yogasans, Meditation, Ayurved, Cookery, Music in three languages are taught by qualified coaches and ayurved doctor.

High Academic standard is maintained along with the excellent character building of individual students. A separate personality report depicting positive and negative aspect of each student’s total development is discussed with his parents separately.

The whole student body of school at Pritamnagar comes at 8.00 a.m. in the morning, attends extra activities from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. This includes the earlier activities of Ambawadi School as well as Gymnastics, Games and Sports and Gymnasium exercises.

Grade system is maintained at Amrit Jyoti from Nursery to IX Std. Only in Tenth standard all the extra and co-curricular activities are discontinued and the emphasis is laid on four 100 marks papers in each subject.

From High school Amrit Jyoti holds three full exams of 100 marks each in every academic subject, which prepares the students to answer the Board Exam of S. S. C. with confidence and ease. Since its inception the result of Tenth Standard has been 100%. Totally 26 batches have passed out with flying colours. Usually more than 80% of the students attain 80% & more. Amrit Jyoti has more than 1600 students in all.

My best wishes to students and staff to keep up the excellent performance in future.