Amrit Jyoti aims at imparting Universal Education to children from age of two and half years onwards integrating the best in Eastern Culture with the best western civilization. It is founded on the ideal of imparting integrated education to children of all religions, castes, creed, races, colours and nations.

“Amrit Jyoti”
The name “Amrit Jyoti” has been selected after a great deal of thoughtful deliberation. “Amrit” is a Sanskrit word meaning nectar. The east offers the nectar of wisdom, even a drop of which normalises and brings peace to a human being. “Jyoti” means light. The West with the brightness of scientific knowledge holds the torch of progress today. Hence “Amrit Jyoti” signifies the harmonious integration of western intelligence and eastern wisdom into a unified whole and the translation of this “unity” adapted to the education of children.

Full Development of the child :
Amrit Jyoti combines academic excellence with emotional and spiritual stability in the child. Today, when lop-sided education is producing problem children, Amrit Jyoti has taken up the challenge of establishing the tradition of a re-normalised education which will produce strong,happy and normal human beings.

The academic side of the child’s education is developed fully by highly qualified teachers who have studied the most modern methods of education and are trained to use the most upto-date didactic apparatus. Subject such as Science, Biology, History as well as Arithmetic, Geography and languages etc which are usually thought to be out of reach of the young child, are taught through enjoyable scientific materials which give full scope to the creativity of the child. Hence ”Amrit Jyoti” aims at the full and perfect development of a human being.

Environment :
The environment of Amrit Jyoti is specially prepared to be conductive to learning. The child will “learn how to learn” and develop love for work. He/She is introduced to many different subjects,and to creative, sensorial, mechanical, practical and scientific materials as well as various arts, and crafts etc. So that he/she may have chance to fully explore the environment and choose tasks which will correspond to his/her inner development. The child’s mind is channeled to develop fully its capacities, his/her senses are refined to help him towards exactness in judgement, his/her intelligence is guided to perceive minute details and nuances.