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Amrit Jyoti signifies the harmonious integration of western intelligence and eastern wisdom into a unified whole and the translation of this “unity” adapted to the education of children.



Notice Board



    Notice Board

      I studied in Amrit Jyoti from my nursery right upto S.S.C. This school shaped up my life in a way which can just be imagined. I’d say whatever I’m today is mostly because of the way we were taught in Amrit Jyoti. Currently I’m doing my Master’s in UK in marine biology. It’s not easy to study in a foreign country with an accent like that of the English people but Amrit Jyoti is one school that teaches English the phonetic way and that works wonders when it comes to interacting with people from proper English-speaking nations. Teachers in the school are extremely motivating and help the students develop their interests. Also, one very good feature of the school is that a lot of importance is given to languages. The management understands the importance of languages in developing an individual culturally. The extra-curricular activities also help in building up confidence that’s vital for later phases of life. So, all in all, I’m really grateful to the school and teachers for making me what I’m today.

      Chintan Purohit (2003)

      I studied in Amrit Jyoti right from Jr. Kg. to 10th standard. Currently, I’m pursuing my B. Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering at Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. I’m extremely grateful to Amrit Jyoti for providing an environment conducive to learning anything and everything. All the things that I’ve learned at Amrit Jyoti have helped me at some point of time. I’ll always be indebted to Amrit Jyoti for the way it has shaped my life. Thank you Amrit Jyoti!

      Jishnu Dave (2004)

      I studied in Amrit Jyoti from Nursery to 10th Std.
      At present I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and am involved in the construction business with Navkar Builders Ltd as a Joint Managing Director. I am also handling the finance division of our 80-year old family business of book publication under the banner of Gurjar Granthratna Karyalaya.
      Today I feel proud to be a student of Amrit Jyoti as the basics and fundamentals which I learnt during my schooling at Amrit Jyoti has helped me a lot in my personal life as well as professional career.
      The importance given to co & extra curricular activities alongwith the academics has always kept me a step ahead in my life. I would always be thankful to Amrit Jyoti for moulding a strong base for my personal and professionally successful life.

      Ullas M Shah (1992)

      We studied in Amrit Jyoti from Nursery to SSC. I, Kinjal am a 1996 batch pass out & my brother Nishant is a 1999 batch pass out. Currently, we are running an IT company named Kinsh Technologies, specializing in Web Development, Internet Marketing and Mobile Apps Development based in Ahmedabad. Both of us have an engineering background. We always feel that our success in life and academics throughout our career has been driven primarily by the seeds sown by Amrit Jyoti – be it values, principles, attitude, our way of working, passion to learn or anything else. We truly appreciate the time and effort that was spent by all our teachers to groom us the way they did, to make us capable to reach new heights of success. Looking back and evaluating life till date, we always cherish the fond memories from our time in Amrit Jyoti.

      Kinjal N. Desai (1996) / Nishant N. Desai (1999)